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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fairy Garden Party...

In my last post, I showed you some fairy garden "Inspiration".
You can see it HERE.
Here is the fairy garden I put together for my daughter's birthday present....
 It even has lights that glow at night!
I found a metal container at TJ Maxx and filled it with moss. 
We added the blue rocks and made a river with them.
 (Also from the Dollar Store)
The mushroom house and swing are from Gordmans.
The tree house is from Hobby Lobby and the door actually opens, so her fairies can go inside!
We made the ladder with some branches from our yard.

She was so excited that she decided to have a fairy princess party!
We headed to the dollar store for supplies...
We bought each girl fairy wings, a crown and a wand!
They loved them!  
When each girl arrived, we had a little Fairy Ceremony.  We had them each sit in the "Queen" chair and my daughter waved her wand and they each earned their fairy wings.
Then they had a fairy parade.

Next, we made mini-fairy gardens...
They turned out so cute and each girl got to take one home.
The buckets and grass are also from the Dollar Store.
I filled each bucket with tissue paper and topped them off with the grass.
I made each girl a tee-pee out of skewers and a flower napkin!
I found a package of little plastic fairies at Hobby Lobby and each girl picked out their own.
 They each got a flower, some rocks, a butterfly and a mini dog!

My older daughter did face paint for each girl.  
She painted a butterfly or a snowflake.
My sister was kind enough to model for us, 
She even had a butterfly shirt on for the party!
Then we served cake, opened presents and then it was time to go home.
It was a success...
This "Fairy Princess" was sure happy!
I think her friends had a great time too!

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  1. An adorable fairy garden party! Your daughter’s fairy party took my heart. She looks like truly a fairy in these photographs. Currently looking for inexpensive outdoor party venues Chicago for my niece birthday.

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