I'm a stay at home mom of 4 cute kids. I love anything that has to do with homes & decorating. My husband Steve often gets recruited into helping me finish things that I start! We are making our house a "HOME" one project at a time!!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Decorations...

I love spring!  
Our front porch is decorated for Easter...
I just hung a wooden carrot from my wreath.
Here is my living room...
 I finally found furniture that works in this room!  
I will do a final reveal and list where I purchased everything soon!
I kept it really simple this year with a bunny & some carrots!
I put an Easter welcome sign by the front door.

I placed my four bunnies on the piano...One for each kid!
I hung a grass bunny on the door in the hallway...
I didn't feel like putting up too much in my great room, so I just added some grass and a little bunny on the fireplace.
It's simple, but it makes me smile!
Here is our kitchen...
 I added an egg wreath to my oven hood...
 I placed a bunny that I've had for years in a tray with some potted flowers...
 I put a wreath in the window with a Happy Easter sign...

 Here is the whole corner of my kitchen...
 Happy Easter!!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Office Inspiration...

We have an area at the end of our hallway that has changed over the years.
It used to be the place for our kids' dresser.
It was a good location between their rooms and made their bedrooms more spacious.
When we had another baby, our office got moved to the loft.
My husband's desk was too big, so we moved a small portion of it to the end of the hall and put two computers for the kids there.  
This is how it looks now...
My boys have sure grown up too!
They are funny and tried to reenact the old picture for me!
Here is the space now...
These computers rarely get used because they are old and SLOW.
The side of the desk also seems to be a place for junk to pile up.
I'm ready to make this space a little more functional.  
Here is the LINK to my Pinterest "office" board.  It is filled with inspiration!

Here are a few of my favorite "inspiration" pictures:

This first one is from the blog: House Of Rose 
I love the little bench in the corner and the shelving.

This is such a pretty space from the blog The Little Cottage On The Pond.
I love the storage on the side.  
The chicken wire over the cupboard doors is also unique.  I love the whole space, including the corbels on the desk!
This photo is from the website Houzz...
I love how it has the drawers for storage on the bottom of the shelves.  This is such a great use of space!
One of my favorite office spaces is from the blog: Whimages.
I think this space is perfect!  
It has a desk, a bench, storage and charm!
I love the molding and the beadboard that is behind the shelving!

Now the tricky part...What will actually fit in my space?
I'm hoping for something that will look nice and still be functional.
Which office space is your favorite?
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Switching Around My Furniture...

When we moved our sectional from our living room to our great room, it caused quite the switch up throughout the whole house!
You can see the post about that HERE.

When we first remodeled our kitchen, I found this bench and little green table.  
I really liked how they added a little color to our white kitchen.  
Then we painted our living room and I was trying to lighten up the couch with new pillows and this bench looked really good in the bay window...
You can see how our living room has transformed over the years HERE.
The new couch I got for the living room clashes with the bench.
 I thought about selling the bench, but decided to move it to the upstairs hallway.
Here is my hallway before...
Here it is now....
It's a nice change and a great place for my little girl to sit while we put on her socks and shoes.
The pillow use to be on my sectional in the living room...
The other three pillows found a new home on the bench in my kitchen...
The black shelf got moved from my great room, you can see the shelf at the end of our couch in this picture...
Here is our black shelf now...
I really like how it looks in our kitchen and it matches our table better.
This picture didn't have the pillows yet, but I love how they cozied up the bench!

I ended up selling my green table, it was so cute, but I couldn't seem to find a place for it.
I was able to buy a chair with the money I made from selling it, but that's a whole other post.

This table lamp in the bay window use to be in our living room...
Now I've placed it behind our couch in the corner...

The bird picture that use to be in the kitchen, got moved up to my daughter's "big girl" room.
As soon as I hang this, I'll be able to show you her room.  It's so cute!
Here is a sneak peek of her bedding...
I love the ruffles!

Who knew switching a couch from one room to another would cause this domino effect on the rest of my house!
I actually love the changes and it's a fun way to freshen up your home.
It has also changed my sister's house too!  The leather set from our great room looks great in her living room!

Now I have been working on my living room and I've been buying and returning chairs for a few weeks now.
I'm pretty sure TJ Maxx knows me on a first name basis.
It has been so hard to get chairs to match our couch.
 I was so close to just returning the couch!
  It is finally coming together and I'll show you soon.
This is one of the chairs that finally worked...

This is literally the fourth set of chairs I have tried!
Do you shop around your own house and rearrange your furniture?
This was one of the biggest switch arounds I've experienced!
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

This quote is so true:
Keep in mind we all have bad days, weeks, months or even years. 
 Last year, when we were remodeling this quote really hit home! It was a mess everywhere!
  I did a whole post about the chaos HERE. 
We finished our remodel at the beginning of July, but my husband is just now (6 months later) able to park his car in the garage.  Our basement has been a disaster (see the pic above) until I was putting the Christmas away and did a major de-junk.  So with that said, sometimes it takes baby steps, but eventually you'll get there.

I think starting off the New Year with a schedule is a great idea.  
This has been my cleaning schedule for years and it really works.
You do a few specific chores each day and this helps cleaning from becoming completely overwhelming.
You can rearrange the days for what works best for you and your schedule.
Start a load of laundry
Mop main floor 
Grocery shopping for the week

Dust main floor: living room, great room, hallway, entryway
More laundry

Vacuum main floor: living room, great room, stairs
Clean main floor bathroom

My kids clean their bathroom
Dust upstairs: loft, bedrooms and railings to the staircase

Clean master bath
Vacuum upstairs: loft, hallways & bedrooms

Most of the main chores are done to enjoy the day!
Or if you had a day you missed, do it today.
Usually there is more's never ending around here!

Take the day off!

Make beds, clear/wipe counters, fill/empty dishwasher, put away coats & shoes etc. 
 I did another post on making your house a home HERE .  It explains how we have designated areas where we put our "stuff", which is key in helping keep things organized.

Here are a few more helpful tips:
*I usually do most of my "chores" listed after I get my older kids off to school, some days it's 15-20 minutes and other days it might take over an hour.

*I try to avoid the computer or other things that suck away my time until I'm done with my chore of the day. 

* When I cook dinner,  I usually clean up while it's baking.  That way dinner clean up is just the table and maybe a few pots or pans.

*My kids also put away any toys that are in their rooms every night before bed.  If all of their toys have a "home" it makes it SO much easier!

Twice a year:
*Every spring and fall I clean the blinds and baseboards.  Click the link below for instructions:

*Clean out bedroom and coat closets.

If all else fails you could try this:

Monday, January 5, 2015

Rearranging Furniture...

It's sometimes crazy what triggers me to change things around in our home.  
Over Christmas break, we had a few family movie nights.
 It was after midnight when we finished,
"The Christmas Story"(one of our kids' favorite Christmas traditions).
I kept looking over at our sectional in our living room.  My mind started churning and I looked over at my husband and asked if he was ready to help me move some furniture? He looked at me like I was a little crazy, but luckily we are both night owls & we started moving things around.
  We moved our sectional into the great room, which makes more sense for watching movies...we all fit comfortably and actually have some space to lounge out.
Here it is in the living room.
It is a perfect fit in here, but it will definitely be used more in the great room.
The material always felt like it would be a better fit for a TV room.
Here it is in the great room now...
 At first, I thought it might be too big, but we are really enjoying it there.
It's weird, but when you are sitting in there, it actually makes the room feel a lot bigger than it did before.
 Now I have opened a can of worms figuring out where to put everything else.
I moved our black shelf into the kitchen...
I  really like how it matches our table...
My sister is going to buy my leather set.
Then I found my couch at Ashley Furniture for a great deal!
I actually found it in the classifieds from a wholesale store that was about an hour away.  
We went into the Ashley store closer to our house and they had the same set.
They price matched it and I saved another $250.00.
 I love a good deal.
I love tufted furniture!  
Now we have to find two chairs and a coffee table to complete the room.
Here are a few of my "inspiration" rooms:
Source  and Pinterest

They are both beautiful rooms and I like how this is going to look more "formal" for our living room.

When I started putting away our Christmas decor it started me on a major "clean out"!
It feels so good to get rid of junk.  I actually tackled this storage area we call the "pit".
It took me ALL day, but I had a whole car full of stuff for goodwill.
While I was unloading, the kid asked me like three times, "Is that everything?"
I know how to fill up my car... Lets just say it was a good de-junk!  
We hadn't touched that area in almost 10 years.  It was the space you'd feel with "stuff" and shut the door.  
I love getting organized for the New Year!
 We are off to a good start!
Today, my mom & I started on my sister's house to make room for her to take our old leather set.
She gave us treat on our way out and said not to come back ;).
Unfortunately, we don't listen too well...see you in the morning Clarece!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Decorating With Garland

I've found that garland is a cheap and easy way to decorate for the holidays.
 I got my garland at Michaels for 50% off, so it came to about $8.00.  
With one garland I was able to make:
A little wreath...
I just cut the length I needed and used a twist tie to secure it into the shape of a wreath and hung it with a striped ribbon.  It worked perfect for the chalkboard in my KITCHEN.

A swag for my entryway...
I cut two pieces the same size length and twisted it with a tie at the top and added a ribbon.
Decorations for my baskets...
I cut these smaller pieces and used metal twine from the dollar store to secure them to the baskets.

I also used one more garland to decorate my TREE...
A garland cut into smaller pieces goes a long way on your tree.

I even had some left to decorate my clock ...

I also added some greenery to my lanterns on our MANTLE...
This is a great time to purchase your garlands for next year because a lot of them start to go on clearance. 
It's amazing how many different items you can make with one strand of garland.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!