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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Parade Of Homes: Inspiring Living Rooms

We are in the middle of changing our living room. 
You can see what we've done so far
The Salt Lake Parade Of Homes was back in August and I found some very "inspiring" living rooms!
Here are a few of my favorites...
 This living room is neutral, yet bright!  I loved the furniture too...the chairs are adorable!
 The fireplace was AMAZING!!  
The woodwork is so beautiful and I love the built in bookcases on each side.
 I like the bright colors in this room.  Once again, the couch and cute chairs made the room! I'm also surprised by the blue color of the fireplace, it's not traditional, but it looks pretty.
 I loved the vaulted ceilings and windows in this room!  
The tufted couches and the striped chair in the corner were so dreamy!  If it was in the budget for new living room furniture, this is the style I would pick!
 I thought the accessories in this room were great! 
 The pillows pulled the room together and brightened up the neutral couch.
 This was a long narrow living room and they really used the space well. 
 I love how they put the bench as a "center piece" between the two coffee tables and couches.  
The fireplace was also very unique!
 This room felt a little more modern.  I really liked the coffee table and mirror.  
I loved the pillows in this room too.  
They are such a great accessory because they are easy to change, but can change the whole style of a room!
This living room feels cozy!
I loved the planked fireplace with the shelving on the sides, it's so charming!
This room was so pretty!  I love how it had the beach house feel, but was still elegant!
 I thought the mantel on this fireplace was gorgeous!  
I LOVED the windows on each side of the fireplace too, I wish it wasn't getting dark when we were there, so you could see the view of the mountains out on the deck...beautiful!
I also loved this fun color combination with the orange and black patterned pillows.  It was different, yet it all pulled together!
I hope you have been "inspired" by these living rooms, I think they were all so beautiful!
I've been trying to get rid of all the "brown" in my living room. 
Here is what it looked like a few months ago...
 We painted the walls and added new trim.  Then this last weekend, I painted the mirror you see in the picture above a gray color. 
I also found a clock to go above my piano. It was the perfect shape and style, just the wrong color.  I also sprayed it gray and sanded the edges to give it an antique look. 
It's starting to come together!  
I hope to show you next week!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Living Room Transformation

One project leads to another...
All of our baseboards and trim are new in the kitchen... 
So, it was time to make our living room match.
I had to take a break from projects for a few months, but I'm finally ready to finish it all up!
We ripped out the old trim & baseboards, painted and added the new trim.  We still need to fill holes, paint, and caulk around all of the new woodwork.  

Before we remodeled the kitchen, I loved the paint color in my living room!  
You can click the link below to see more of it...

 It was so weird, but after the kitchen was complete our living room looked a mustard color & seemed so DARK!
I painted the walls the same color as our great room...
The color is by Benjamin Moore and is called Pelican Gray.  
I just color matched it at Lowe's with their paint with primer.
I LOVE this color! 
It's neutral & bright!

I've been having such a hard time trying to figure out how to make this room bright with all of the "brown" furniture and decor I have!
Then I moved the bench from my kitchen into the living room...
It looked good and has some of the lighter colors I want to use.
Then I found fabric at Joann's that matched the bench! 
I was going to make pillow covers, but for some reason the fabric didn't look too good on my couch.
So, I decided to make covers for my baskets...
Then I took the lantern that was above my staircase and put it on the table.
I already had the mirror and initial and decided to try them above the table.  
I did buy the cute hook at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 and hung a wreath I already had.
I like switching around things that I already have, it makes it feel new!
I really like how it's coming together...
It's feeling bright and fresh!
This is what my table originally looked like...
I stained it a walnut color a few years ago to match the rails on my staircase.
You can see that makeover HERE.
 Last week, I found these bird pulls at Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off...
It was a cheap and easy way to change the look of my table!
I can't wait to show you the rest of the living room when it's done...I need to either hire someone to paint the trim or get off the computer and get started!!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Parade Of Homes 2014: Beautiful Bedrooms

There were so many beautifully decorated bedrooms!

I probably took way too many pictures, but here are 'quite' a few of my favorites!
 I love the simplicity of this room!  The bedding and wallpaper are adorable!
 I thought this bed was unique, I like how it had such a tall headboard.
 This was an adorable girls room!
I love the tufted bed, pillows, bedding & colors!
 The curtains were ADORABLE!
I also love that the bathroom connected to this room had a ruffled curtain to match the other room...
Ruffles are so fun for a girls bedroom!
 I loved the the woodwork behind this was stunning! 
 The bright colors were fun in this room.  It's amazing how pillows and bedding really make the room!
 Oh, how I love the tufted headboards!  
After going to the parade of homes, I need more pillows on my bed!
I thought this room was fun!  The big letters and lighting were my favorite!
 Decorating with animal taxidermy seems to be popular, it's not really my favorite style, but this was a fun way to use it in a room!

 This was a beautiful room, I loved the bed (notice it's tufted!) and the picture collage.  It had a little too much furniture in the room.  I think a bench at the end of the bed would of looked nicer, but it was still very pretty!

 This was my favorite master bedroom!
The colors were so calming!
I LOVED this wood headboard!  It is so unique & such a pretty color!
 This nightstand is perfect...It is such a pretty color! 

 The "beachy" theme was a trend I noticed in quite a few of the homes.  I love it!
This was on the opposite side of the bed...
 I thought it was a beautiful room!

I loved this toddler room, The antique bed was beautiful!

 This room is a little more modern, which usually isn't my favorite style, but I loved the chevron wall!

This room was pretty beautiful too... It's my alma mater, Go Utes!

After touring all of these bedrooms, I am now in love with the tufted & upholstered beds!  
I also noticed the bedding makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a room!
We changed our master bedroom a few years ago & it's amazing how the bedding affects the whole look of the room!  I'm not sure why I loved the gold & red so much...ha,ha, ha! If you'd like to see the before & after, just click the link below:

Which bedroom was your favorite?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Parade Of Homes 2014: Fun Family Rooms

There were so many of the homes that really made the family rooms a fun and spacious area.
Here are some of my favorites...

This was a family room from House #18.
I think it was so fun how they mixed of few different colors and patterns to create a bright, fun space!
It was so bright with plenty of natural light from the windows.  It didn't even feel like you were in a basement!
This was in one of my favorite homes.  It was a Hardrock Home and it was House #25.

It had the fun seating area, play area and an exercise room in the basement. 
I love how they are building homes where the basement is just as bright as the upstairs!
 This was a Bangerter Home and was House #24.
Behind this couch are windows that look over an indoor basketball court!
It was pretty amazing!
 This was a Tailor Built Home and is  House #27.
I just loved this idea of a little table with barstools behind the couch.
It was a great way to use the space!  You could enjoy a few snacks while watching a movie or game.
This was a Rainey Home and is House #23.
I thought the classic black and white looked beautiful and bright for a family room.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of some of my favorite family rooms!
If you missed my other posts from the Parade Of Homes 2014 you can find them here.

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