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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Kind Of Farmhouse Sink Is Best?

Our kitchen remodel is in full swing! 
We have decided to cut out our exterior wall and add a few feet to our kitchen.  
This went from a pretty basic remodel to a much bigger & more expensive project than we originally planned!  How does that happen?
I hope it's worth it in the end!
If you saw my last post,  a farmhouse sink is a must.
It was much harder to pick one out than I anticipated.
Should we place it as an undermount sink?  Fireclay? 
One single bowl or two? Most important, cost?
Let me tell ya, these vary in cost quite a bit!
At first, I was going to go with the Ikea farmhouse sink because it has the look I love & it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most...
It also looks great and I've read a lot of good reviews, but the only problem is it has to be placed on top of the counters like the picture below.
I was fine with that, but my mom talked me out of it for two reasons: 
1-You can't just wipe the counter right off into the sink because of the ridge.
 2- The ridge can gather dirt & grime over time.  
My mom's sink (Not an Ikea sink) has this problem and it's growing mold. She can't get it clean.  So, I decided to go with an undermount sink.

Then I started reading about fireclay sinks, which are beautiful! 
This one is over $2,000 dollars, so it was out of my price range!
They vary in price, but then I got worried as I researched them a little more because they can crack.  
I also read that you should have a special disposal because the shaking of the motor could crack the sink.

So, then I started researching some more and came across an article on titled, Fireclay vs. Castiron sinks.  It was so helpful.
It explains the differences between fireclay sinks & cast iron sinks.
They each have pros & cons.
After reading it, I decided to go with a cast iron sink.
They are sturdy and the enamel coating makes it more stain resistant.
It is a heavy sink, so it will need extra support under the cabinet when we install it.
This is the one I bought...
It's made by Kohler and is part of their Whitehaven Collection.
I purchased mine at
I got it during the Black Friday sale.
This is how it looks installed...
I'll let you know how I like it after it's installed.  
Has anyone else purchased this sink?  I'd love to here if it's been a good sink!
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  1. Love your choice. We went with an Ikea above mount and it's been great though:)

  2. I would absolutely love to have a sink like this! I'd love it if you'd share this at my link party, going on now!