I'm a stay at home mom of 4 cute kids. I love anything that has to do with homes & decorating. My husband Steve often gets recruited into helping me finish things that I start! We are making our house a "HOME" one project at a time!!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Rearranging Furniture...

It's sometimes crazy what triggers me to change things around in our home.  
Over Christmas break, we had a few family movie nights.
 It was after midnight when we finished,
"The Christmas Story"(one of our kids' favorite Christmas traditions).
I kept looking over at our sectional in our living room.  My mind started churning and I looked over at my husband and asked if he was ready to help me move some furniture? He looked at me like I was a little crazy, but luckily we are both night owls & we started moving things around.
  We moved our sectional into the great room, which makes more sense for watching movies...we all fit comfortably and actually have some space to lounge out.
Here it is in the living room.
It is a perfect fit in here, but it will definitely be used more in the great room.
The material always felt like it would be a better fit for a TV room.
Here it is in the great room now...
 At first, I thought it might be too big, but we are really enjoying it there.
It's weird, but when you are sitting in there, it actually makes the room feel a lot bigger than it did before.
 Now I have opened a can of worms figuring out where to put everything else.
I moved our black shelf into the kitchen...
I  really like how it matches our table...
My sister is going to buy my leather set.
Then I found my couch at Ashley Furniture for a great deal!
I actually found it in the classifieds from a wholesale store that was about an hour away.  
We went into the Ashley store closer to our house and they had the same set.
They price matched it and I saved another $250.00.
 I love a good deal.
I love tufted furniture!  
Now we have to find two chairs and a coffee table to complete the room.
Here are a few of my "inspiration" rooms:
Source  and Pinterest

They are both beautiful rooms and I like how this is going to look more "formal" for our living room.

When I started putting away our Christmas decor it started me on a major "clean out"!
It feels so good to get rid of junk.  I actually tackled this storage area we call the "pit".
It took me ALL day, but I had a whole car full of stuff for goodwill.
While I was unloading, the kid asked me like three times, "Is that everything?"
I know how to fill up my car... Lets just say it was a good de-junk!  
We hadn't touched that area in almost 10 years.  It was the space you'd feel with "stuff" and shut the door.  
I love getting organized for the New Year!
 We are off to a good start!
Today, my mom & I started on my sister's house to make room for her to take our old leather set.
She gave us treat on our way out and said not to come back ;).
Unfortunately, we don't listen too well...see you in the morning Clarece!
Click Here for the link to our Updated Living Room.
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  1. Thanks for a great post. I am itching to do something different in our home, but not sure what. Thanks for giving me some inspiration. You home looks beautiful. :) Julie

  2. Wow, I love the way the sectional looks in the other room!!! Your home is lovely!

  3. Look nice and comfortable living room ♥

  4. Wow what a different! it looks great.

    What is the grey paint colour that you have on the walls?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The paint color is Benjamin Moore: Pelican Gray. I actually just went to Lowe's and they color matched it for me. I also painted my living room this color and I'm really loving the color in there too!

  5. So pretty! I was just looking through your home posts and am totally in love with your style and colors! Everything looks amazing!

  6. Looks great - do you know the name of your new sofa from Ashley?

  7. Maria2-
    It is called the Hindell Park Sofa. They sell each piece separately or it comes as a set with a loveseat and ottoman.

  8. Looks great! Love the inspiration photos too! Did you see the HGTV dream home this year? Reminds me of that look a little!

  9. Love this! The layout looks amazing. I am always moving furniture, too. Can you come over and give me some new ideas?! LOL!

    1. I honestly would love to come over and help! I've been helping my sister do her house and she thinks I might need therapy...She thinks I get too much joy out of cleaning and moving around her furniture. Thanks for the sweet comment!

  10. Beautiful! I can't remember if I've commented this before, but I LOVE the fireplace!

  11. Your house is beautiful. Would you tell me what the name of your paint is? I'm looking for a nice grey for my living/dining room. Thanks!

    1. I had the paint matched to the color from Benjamin Moore: Pelican Grey. I loved it so much I also painted my living room and hallway the same color. Have a great weekend!

  12. It's beautiful, Sally! And I'm the same way--once I move one thing, it just starts a chain-reaction of redecorating! Pinned to the Pretty Preppy Party board (and thanks for linking up!).

  13. Hi Sally! I just wanted to let you know we're featuring this today over at 11 Magnolia Lane as one of the favorites from the Pretty Preppy Party! Thanks for linking up :)

  14. My favourite pastime is moving furniture around....I can't do it in my current house due to limited space. I love the inspiration rooms!

  15. Thanks for coming!! Again & again & again!! It's like ground hogs day! Lol