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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project FAIL & RE-DO

Tuesday night I attended a craft night & was signed up to make a Thanksgiving plaque. I just had to add my scrapbook paper & vinyl looked easy enough!
 It actually turned out quite cute & then this morning I decided to sand the edges & add a little stain.
This is when I ruined the whole thing... stained dripped on the middle of the project & when I tried to wipe it off it ripped the paper!  It did not look good!
Here is an example of the project (

              I had used orange polk-a -dot paper for my background, I wish I had gotten a picture!
This is how it looks now...
I was able to still use a corner of my orange polk-a-dot paper for the middle wood piece.
Then I hung a fall wreath with some ribbon from the top of the plaque.

Next, I sanded the edges & added my stain...carefully this time!

I couldn't save the vinyl lettering, but at least it wasn't a complete loss.

I guess I'll be able to use this as part of my decor for October & November now.
It can be so frustrating when you mess up a project!  
I need to remember to always STOP when something is "finished"!
It would save me a lot of headaches! :)
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  1. I think it still turned out cute. That's why I don't craft very often.....I always mess it up.

  2. I've dripped paint or stain on something I'm working on more than I can count. That is a great redo though! You can't tell it was fixing a boo boo. Looks very cute!