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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Decisions...What Color Should I Paint My House?

We are going to be having the exterior of our house painted next month.
A few years ago we painted the trim & added shutters, but now the stucco on the main portion of the house has some cracking, especially on the back of the house & could use some freshening up.
 I'm so excited, but also so confused... I don't know what color to pick!  We have been driving around looking at different houses & I've been searching the internet for ideas.

When we first moved into our home, this is what it looked like...
October 2004

This is what it looks like when we painted the trim & added black wood shutters...
May 2012 
It's amazing what painting the trim did!
You can see all the changes we've made  HERE.

I definitely want to keep the black shutters, but I can't decide if I want grey & white or a tan & white color.

Here are a few of my inspiration photos...
I LOVE the color, hardie board & the porch on this one! 
Exterior traditional exterior

Here is more of a grey color with the black the porch too!

Here is a brown color, with white trim & the black shutters.
cheap exterior home e1281401066891 4 Cheap Ways to Improve the Exterior of your Home

This is kind of a mix of tan & grey...

What do you think would look best?
I keep changing my mind...I'm not sure which would look best with our red brick.
Would you paint the brick?  Decisions...Decisions!  I'm not very good at them!!

Here it is Now...

 Click Here to see our EXTERIOR HOUSE REVEAL.

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  1. I love the idea of the dark gray color for the stucco with white trim and the black shutters. You can even paint the door a fun color. I would not paint the brick.

  2. We are going through the same dilimma. OUr house is currently white and we also have red brick in the front. I like the darker gray. We thought about painting our house blue, but I like the dark blue-grays, and hubby thought he would like the brighter blue, until we painted a small sample on our house. Now we are going with a wicker color. Good luck!

  3. I just painted our house and I love it. I am on the thrifty decor chick party as well. Take a look - I listed my paint colors in the post. I am really happy with how it turned out.

  4. Sally, first, you have a beautiful home! I have to tell you I love the brown with the white trim and black shutters, but the gray is also very elegant. Tough choice!

  5. Your house looks beautiful so far! I think the dark gray (like in the first picture) would compliment the brick the best. Can't wait to see the transformation! :)

    Tiffany @

  6. Tbh I'm not keen on the tan but really love the grey. What a great house you have.

  7. I also prefer the grey tone.. May I ask-- if that small amount of brick we see in the photos is all the brick thats on your home?
    Mine is ALL brick so I doubt if we'll paint it but if I had only the amount I see in your photos on mine I would definately do it.

    even if you dont- grey will tone down the orangeyness:: is that a word lol:: of your brick , where Tan would add to it. looking through your samples I dont think that would make you happy. you could do the stucco in one tone of grey and the brick a bit darker to ground the entire look of it.

    you have a lovely home and it will be even lovelier when this project is complete..

  8. The first one is my favorite, although all would look good. You made such a huge difference with your shutters and trim! Looks great, and will look amazing with one of those colors. Cute blog!

    I love everything to do with houses, too :)


  9. I suggest you choose white paint, Sally. That goes with the rest of the rooms. White paint makes one's room looks more spacious. Plus, white symbolizes purity.

  10. Indeed, Max. Consider the color grey, too, my friend. Grey is a neutral color, and it will coordinate well with any color of your interest. Furthermore, grey also symbolizes formality.

    1. That is correct, Louie. That is why most offices prefer grey because it goes well with most colors. Grey is a cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion.

  11. The perfect place to spend some time with a cup of tea, a beautiful view and built with love. :)

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  12. Love the dark gray. We are working on updating an old "cape cod" style house and I have been stressing over the paint colors. Love the gray you chose. May I ask what color it is? Thanks!

  13. Hmm. If you want your house to look unique, I’d go for your first house option. The exterior of the house is extraordinary, and I think, with its unusual look, it can quickly attract other’s attention. However, if you want to maintain the elegance of your home, then I’d definitely go for your second to the last option. =) The simplicity of the house and the combination of blue roof and light brown walls made the house look striking. How did your house end up with since you planned to paint your house exterior about 5 months ago?

    Leif Clancy

    1. It actually turned into a LONG process...Our painters really created a nightmare, but it did finally get finished! You can see the final reveal here.
      Thanks for the advice!

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  15. Beautiful, looks the same with Parisian chateaus.

  16. One key to how long an exterior finish lasts is how well the surface is prepared. But equally important is the choice of the paint or stain itself.

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  17. I love the house on the fourth photo, I liked the color. Honestly I'm getting obsessed in the unique colors because I feel comfortable :)

    Exterior Painting Colors

  18. Generally, blue represents coolness, red and yellow - warmth and green nature and coolness. Further, the type of color can have a subtle effect upon the house interior temperature.

  19. Hi, some says it depends in your favorite color, others by luck or according to the temperature of color - like blue and green are cool while red and orange are warm.

  20. Beautiful, these houses are similar to those found in European countries and cities such as Paris, France.

  21. I would pull one of the colors from the red brick. They usually have beautiful greys, blues, and neutrals. Then you need have no fear that the color will work with the red bricks.

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